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As the song goes:

“Now smash it, into shape

Shape it up, get straight

Go forward, move ahead

Try to delect it, it's not too late

To smash it, smash it good”

Guys in the 80’s told us so with a straight face and sleeveless turtlenecks, it must be true.

But seriously there's a limit to how wide your mouth can open. That’s why, the burger has always been shamefully relegated to the rank of meals to avoid on a first date, unless you’re dating a hyena or a tundra wolf. (no judgement)

Bygone era!

Tonight, it’s happening at your place. Get your little onions all minced-up. Play it fancy-rough-around-the-edgesly, smash it and sprinkle a few french words for good measure.

Get cheesy if you feel like!

The product in a few words:

- Authoritative but still a little fancy 5 1/2" plate. (14 cm) in diameter and a healthy 3/8 in. (1 cm) thickness

- Weighs approximately 3 lbs (1.4 kg)

- Heavy-duty riveted carbon steel construction for a Friday night solo patty or Saturday lunchtime community burger-a-thon

- Black forge patina coated with a natural cooking utensil wax (Buzzy-Wax)

Care & Maintenance

Hand forged at Strobus Forge, Quebec, Canada

Sold individually