The Blacksmith's Espresso tamper

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Bold, rough and yet, refined.

Straight out of the universe of traditionnal blacksmithing. This totally unique Espresso coffee tamper is inspired by the distinctive lines of a blacksmith's flattening hammer.

This is the perfect gift for the Barista who has it all.
- Overall height 3.5 in. (9 cm)*
- Choose between two tamper diameter options (49 mm or 58 mm)
- One piece integral forging (has a fair bit of weight to it!)
- Natural beeswax blackened forge finish
- Hand forged carbon steel

Care & Maintenance

*Dimensions may vary slightly due to making process (traditionnal forging)

Like all Strobus products, this authentic item is born from the fire, anvil and hammer at our blacksmith shop.

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Proudly made in Canada